Two Wheeled Recumbents

Bachetta Recumbents

Bacchetta is based just a few miles away from Bicycle Outfitters in St. Petersburg, Florida. A leader in the recumbent world, Bacchetta boasts some of the most polished and ergonomic recumbent designs available anywhere. Due to their status as one of the first professional recumbent manufacturers, their bikes have gone through more testing and use than most, and the fit and finish of their final product is evident when you see it. We love Bacchetta, and we know you will too. View Bacchetta’s Website



Hase Bikes

Hase is an incredibly innovative European company with an outstanding reputation.  We are proud to offer Hase bikes –  they offer so many options for making their bikes accessible to everybody, and they make amazing accessories for carrying cargo too. Come in and ride one, you will be impressed by how maneuverable and responsive they are. View Hase’s Website