Our Trikes


Terra Trike

Terra Trike is a leading manufacturer of recumbent trikes based in Kentwood, Michigan. In business since 1996, Terra Trike produces acclaimed steel and aluminum trikes for recreational and sport use. A smart combination of affordability and quality, Terra Trike will take you all the way. View Terra Trikes’ Website


Catrike is located in Winter Haven Florida, about two hours from Bicycle Outfitters. In business since 1990, Catrike makes some the best recumbent trikes on the market today. Their designs are well-thought-out and highly-polished. We have sold countless Catrikes at Bicycle Outfitters, and we believe they’re second to none. The company’s experience and design expertise is clear after just one ride. There isn’t much out there that can be compared with a Catrike. View Catrike’s Website.

Catrike Expedition


Hase Bikes

Hase is an incredibly innovative European company with an outstanding reputation. We are proud to offer Hase bikes – they offer so many options for making their bikes accessible to everybody, and they make amazing accessories for carrying cargo too. Come in and ride one, you will be impressed by how maneuverable and responsive they are. View Hase’s Website.