Bike Fittings

Why get a fitting?

The fit of your bicycle to your body is probably the single most important aspect of the cycling set-up equation. If the fit is poor or incorrect, you will not only miss the thrill of dialed and efficient cycling, but you will also risk injury and discomfort.

We Are qualified And Certified

Our staff has received certification as Fit Level 1 & 2 graduates from the Trek Fitting Services skills course, which entails about 16 hours of hands-on training featuring the latest tools and approaches in the fitting world. Whether you’re purchasing a new bike or looking to improve your fit on your current bike, we have the tools and techniques to make you comfortable and powerful.


Get Started

Give us a call at 727-319-2453 or an email at to schedule your initial consultation. We have the Pinellas Trail right out back for you to check out your new fit for real, not just on the trainer or in a parking lot.

Fit Packages:

  • Cleat Fitting
  • $65
  • Cleat Positioning
  • Cleat Alignment
  • Quick Fit
  • $25
  • Inseam Measurement 
  • Saddle Height
  • Pro Fit
  • $85
  • Cleat Fitting
  • Saddle Height
  • Knee Position 
  • Arm Position
  • Stem Adjustment
  • Handlebar Sizing and Positioning