Bike Repair

Looking to get your two wheeled friend tuned up?

We operate a professional service center here at Bicycle Outfitters. Not a racer? Not a problem. We service all makes and models of bicycles, regardless of where they were purchased. Simply visit our showroom in Seminole, Florida (next to the Pinellas Bicycle Trail). We’re just a short ride from St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota and the Beaches.

Adam Beland, Owner
Adam Beland, Owner

How It Works

“Our biggest concern is that you feel comfortable coming back for hassle free readjustments…we stand behind our work.”

Free Evaluation

Every repair starts with a comprehensive evaluation, free of charge. Bring your bike by the shop anytime, and a mechanic will go through the entire bike with you, so you know what it needs.

Schedule an Appointment

We offer convenient scheduling so you don’t have to be without your bike. You can schedule an appointment and bring your bike by on the service date or leave it with us. Contact us any time.

Get your bike fixed

That’s all there is to it! All our work is guaranteed for 30 riding days and we do not do any additional work without your authorization, so you can rest easy.

Quality Work, Guaranteed.

Quality Control

Every tune up includes a comprehensive checkover by two separate mechanics to guarantee that everything works great.


We check everything with precision tools. We found that most of the “suprise” issues with bikes were from neglecting to measure things like how tight a bolt is or spoke tension. We are so adamant about precision that our tool company has accused us of acting like we are working on the space shuttle 🙂

Great Selection

We stock a huge assortment of parts so we can get you riding again quickly. If we don’t have it in stock, we order parts and accessories every week.

Test ridden

All the bikes we repair are test-ridden on the Pinellas Trail to ensure proper performance and customer satisfaction. We give all the new bikes we assemble the same test-ride treatment.

Tune Up Packages

  • Cat 1 Tune
  • $74.99
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Adjust Derailleurs
  • True Wheels
  • Adjust Hub Bearings
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket Bearings
  • Adjust Headset Bearings
  • Lube Chain
  • Lube All Cables
  • Clean Frame, Chain, Rims, Tires
  • Labor For Brake Pad Replacement Included
  • Cat 2 Tune
  • $149.99
  • Everything Included In Cat 1 Plus:
  • Complete Drivetrain Disassembly and Cleaning
  • Drivetrain Lubrication, Reassembly, and Adjustment
  • Labor For Tire/tube Replacement Included
  • Labor For Shift and Brake Cable Replacement Included (Replacement Recommended)
  • Cat 3 Tune
  • $274.99
  • Everything Included in Cat 1 & Cat 2 Plus:
  • Complete Disassembly of Bicycle to the Bare Frame
  • Frame Cleaned and Waxed
  • Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket Are Completely Overhauled
  • Labor For Replacement of All Cables and Housing Is Included (Replacement Required)
  • Labor for Replacement of Grips or Handlebar Tape is Included (Replacement Required)

Additional Info:

  • Additional Parts & Labor are not included. A service tech will help determine what your bike needs when you check it in for service.
  • Because of the additional work involved, there is a $25.00 surcharge for tandem and recumbent bicycles on all tune-up services.
  • All tune up packages require a $4.00 shop supplies fee. This fee covers lubricants required for service, solvents, recycling & disposal, cable ends and ferrules, clean rags, and other shop supplies required for us to do a good job fixing your bike.

A-La Carte Services

Sometimes you don’t need a full tune-up. Just stop by the shop for a free evaluation and we can give you an itemized list of what your bike needs.