Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

During the course of doing business, a significant amount of waste is generated. Fortunately, most of it can be re-used or recycled. Here at the shop, we’ve taken several steps to reduce our environmental impact.



We recycle all of our paper and cardboard. That’s hundreds and hundreds of bicycle boxes every year, and plenty of report paper and junk mail. We try to avoid printing emails and other documents in the first place. We re-use cardboard boxes whenever we have to ship bikes or parts.

metalWe also recycle all the metal recovered in our service center. All of that aluminum, steel and titanium adds up to hundreds of pounds per year. Could you imagine throwing all of that metal in the trash? You’ve got to mine that stuff from deep in the ground!


We accept used bikes and parts from the public and then donate the usable items to the God’s Pedal Power Ministry, which takes the old parts and uses them to build and repair bikes for those who are less-fortunate.  We have also donated tools and parts to the Saint Pete Bike Co-Op.

Eco-Friendly Service Center

We limit the amount of solvents and chemicals we use in the course of our business. We have citrus-based solvents for sale, and we use a bio-degradable solvent in our service center’s parts washer.

Resource conservation makes sense for a lot of reasons, and we’re committed to finding new ways to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Responsible Partners

We are proud to work with companies that have made a commitment to doing more than selling bikes.  Trek has always led the charge among bicycle brands to support advocacy organizations and we are proud to be partners with them.  Bontrager, our primary brand for accessories, has continually worked to reduce the footprint of their packaging.  70-90% of the packaging on Bontrager accessories is recycled, and since it is card stock we recycle it again.  We are also proud to work with Quality Bicycle Products, who ships our products out of one of their LEED certified environmentally friendly warehouses.


We support bicycle advocacy organizations.


SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers) is a Tampa Bay bicycle advocacy alliance of 12 bicycle store dealers and three lawyers who are committed to raising the profile of bicycling in the Tampa Bay area, getting more people on bicycles and drawing more public resources for bicycling.

Keep up with SWFBUD’s latest efforts by regularly visiting the SWFBUD Blog

Bicycle Outfitters is one of the original member shops that formed SWFBUD. We strongly support the goal of greater cycling access and awareness here in Florida. We are proud to work with our SWFBUD partners, and we really appreciate the had work members put into our unique advocacy alliance.


$20 from every Full Suspension Trek mountain bike purchase goes to support the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s efforts to build and maintain trails.

People For Bikes

We’ve partnered with People For Bikes to help unite cyclists from all over the nation with the goal of increasing awareness about cycling and giving decision makers the tools they need to build a bicycle friendly America.  People for Bikes has built protected bike lanes in multiple cities across the country and lobbies for bicycle friendly legislation.  You can find People for Bikes information and sign the pledge in our store.

Bicycle Friendly America

Bicycle Friendly America is “a tool for states, communities, business and universities to make bicycling a real transportation and recreation option for all people.”  We donate $2 from the sale of every helmet to support Bicycle friendly America’s goal of improving bicycle infrastructure.

World Bicycle Relief

Many of the brands we carry have partnered with World Bicycle Relief.  World Bicycle Relief improves access to education, healthcare, and business opportunities by making bicycle ownership possible in Rural Africa.  Learn more at