Touring Bikes

When you start looking at touring bikes, you will usually hear about one of two bikes – The Surly Long Haul Trucker or the Trek 520.  Lucky for you, we happen to carry both.  In addition to the bikes, we carry all of the best gear for touring.  Topeak frame pumps, Ortleib and Arkel bags, Surly racks, Light & Motion Lights, Brooks Saddles, and pretty much every other accessory that’s proven itself over thousands of miles of loaded touring.  We were honored to receive the Sam Braxton Award from Adventure Cycling, in recognition of our commitment to bicycle touring. The most important thing when choosing a touring bike is making sure you pick a bike frame and size that is going to be comfortable after all those miles in the saddle, so stop by our store in Seminole, Florida (next to the Pinellas Trail) and take some bikes for a spin.

Trek 520

The Trek 520 is a proven machine.  It has been around since 1983, and has just gotten better.  The 2014 model decided to pay homage to it’s roots with retro graphics and the classic head badge.  The 520 comes stock with really puncture resistant tires, bulletproof wheels, and the best in class parts in every category.  Our mechanics like that you can take the bike almost completely apart with a pocket multi tool, thanks to the modern parts.  Of course the frame is also covered by Trek’s lifetime warranty.


Surly Disc Trucker

Surly Long Haul Trucker

We usually carry a couple of different sizes of the Long Haul Trucker in stock.  There are a couple of different models now – the classic Long Haul Trucker, the Disc Trucker, and the Trucker Deluxe frameset.   There are a ton of different combinations of model, color, and size, so we may not have the exact bike you want in stock, but we do an order every week.  Like all of our bikes, we do an incredibly thorough assembly (every part is removed, checked, and torqued to manufacturer spec) and every Surly bike is coated internally with Frame Saver to prevent internal rust.