We Stock Quality

Bicycle Outfitters in Seminole, Florida is always on the lookout for the best biking products and accessories to improve and support your cycling experience. Below you’ll find some of our favorite brands. We stock various items from each, and we can order pretty much anything. We also have access to even more brands, just ask! Have you seen something new and great? Need more information? Not sure if it’s right for you? Let us know, we can probably help you learn more about any bicycling accessory, and order it in for you. Give us a call at 727-319-2453, stop by our store in Seminole or send an email at to learn more about any product or brand that you’re interested in.

Essential Accessories


Dependable lights are essential for riding when the sun is down, and are a great idea for safety during the day. We carry great lights from Light & Motion and Bontrager. Light & Motion lights are the best lights we found on the market. They are bright, dependable, made in USA, and rechargeable with a standard usb plug. Bontrager makes a great line of battery powered everyday lights, and they make some of the best compact lights too.




Car Racks

A car rack is the solution to getting your bike to far away destinations are getting it to the shop when you need work. We stock racks from Yakima Saris, and ATOC Draftmaster. The Saris racks are the most popular. Saris makes the best looking, easiest to use trunk mounted rack we have seen (the Saris Bones) and they make an excellent line of hitch mounted racks too. The Saris freedom is a very affordable hitch rack that has become very popular lately – it carries the bikes by their wheels instead of the frame.

Bike Racks and Bags

We carry the most durable panniers and racks out there. We carry Ortleib waterproof bags from Germany, Arkel bags, and Bontrager. A lot of customers love the Ortleib shopper bags. Our most popular rack for everyday use are from Bontrager, but we carry seriously beefy racks from Surly for the long haul.



Bike Locks

For the ultimate in security, you can’t go wrong with Abus or Kryptonite. Most Americans are not familiar with Abus, but Abus is the #1 choice for bike security in Europe. Abus locks have great security for how much they weigh. We carry U-locks from kryptonite, the most popular way to securely lock a bike. For everyday use we carry a series of cable locks from Bontrager.

Bike Pumps

The Bontrager pumps are ergonomic and easy to use. Every pump has an easy to read gauge, works with both styles of valves, has a one year warranty, and can be rebuilt if it ever wears out.



Apparel & Shoes

Comfortable clothes make all the difference an hour into a sweaty Florida bike ride. We carry comfortable jerseys and shorts from Bontrager, Endura, and Pearl Izumi, and cycling shoes by Keen & Bontrager.